The Guaranteed Power Program is the lease of power designed for a specific application and term. Guaranteed Power is widely used in Opportunity and Fast Charge applications. The benefit in these two applications is that we can guarantee power for a specified operation and term.

Case Studies help us create a customized power program designed around your usage based on shifts, workloads and amp hour throughput. To date, our G.P. Program has offered terms as short as 24 months to as long as 84 months with no exchanges and up to 3 exchanges during the term.

Some examples listed show program terms and shifts.

  • 5 year term with 30 month exchange
  • Two medium duty shift application
  • 60/30 – Battery used months 1 through 30, Second battery used months 31 through 60
  • 6 year term with 24 month and 48 month exchange
  • Two medium duty shifts, 3rd shift light duty
  • 72/24/48 – Battery used months 1 through 24, Second battery used months 25 through 48, Third battery used months 26 through 72

**All batteries remain the property of Northeast Industrial Batteries during the G.P. Program


Our 10/11 Program provides a unique way to finance your power requirements. This program allows you to finance your purchase over 11 months. The cost is divided by 10 and paid over 11 payments. This can help significantly if your budget doesn’t allow for the total upfront cost.