Test & Evaluation

  • Pick up
  • Loaner provided if available
  • As received voltages and specific gravity recorded
  • Batteries are conditioned charged on our constant current chargers
  • Specific gravity adjusted to manufacturers specifications
  • 6-hour load test & voltage monitoring utilizing Voltmanager-24P
  • Inspection of battery with regards to connector, cables etc.
  • Detailed report of findings including breakdown of repair costs

Test & Evaluation with Complete Clean Up

  • All of the above, plus
  • Power wash battery
  • Neutralize top of battery
  • Sand and repaint tray
  • Replace vent caps
  • Replace intercell connector shrouds
  • Reseal (compound batteries only)

On Location Battery Cleaning

  • Open circuit voltage checked
  • Specific gravity checked
  • Batteries cleaned & neutralized
  • Waste water treated and removed
  • Report of voltages, specific gravity & overall condition of battery fleet

Short & Long-Term Rentals

  • Batteries & chargers available for rental terms of days to years
  • All quantities considered
  • Lease purchase plans available

10/11 Financing Plan

  • Purchase batteries or chargers on installment plan
  • Product is considered on-lease for first 10 payments and you own after 11th payment
  • New or used product available

Guaranteed Power Program

  • Lease product for 30-60 months, depending on battery size
  • Northeast Industrial Batteries Inc. “guarantees” you will have power for length of terms
  • Product is swapped out at midpoint of contract term
  • Modifications of terms available to allow buyout at end of lease

Battery Fleet Survey

  • Northeast Industrial Batteries Inc. technicians will record individual cell voltages and specific gravity of each battery
  • Provide detailed report of condition and age of each battery in fleet
  • Make recommendations of repairs or replacements
  • Determine that batteries & chargers are properly matched